Alex Jones Defies the Odds: Hits #1 on Amazon w/Great Reset

Originally posted on August 26, 2022 @ 1:51 pm

“The Great Reset and the War for the World” is on FIRE🔥

#1 on Amazon
Alex Jones hits #1 on

With seemingly the entire global political, governmental and media “combines” firing non-stop, threats, and misinformation against him, Jones seems virtually unstoppable. His recent publication: “The Great Reset and the War for the World” has against all odds, climbed the rankings on Amazon (AMAZON!) to defy the wishes of the globalist junta attempting to silence him. Fresh off a huge legal loss where family members sued him into financial oblivion, he releases this book only for it to skyrocket to the #1 position in 3 book categories on (Communication & Media Studies, Political Corruption & Misconduct, and Fascism).

Love Him or Hate Him

To many the establishment media/government cabal who run most of the western world, he’s a pariah who must be stopped at all costs, to others, he’s a truth teller and prophet. Jones has claimed for years, he’s nothing of the sort and says he only “reads and studies their White Papers”. Its only due to his dogged curiosity that he’s been compelled to study mounds of documents issued over decades by non-governmental organizations and tracked their agenda step by agonizing step. Methodically, the United Nations and other powers represented by The Bilderburg Group and the World Economic Forum have gained control over the most powerful governments and corporations in the world. And he says “You’re Next”! He encourages his supporters and haters alike to buy the book to get a better understanding of his motives and judge for ourselves if he’s a madman.

In Their own words

Synopsis: In this still to be released book, Jones dissects the writings of 3 well known, self-avowed trans-humanists. He describes their plan for domination over humanity and the planet via a web of technocratic control over the social fabric of our civilization as well as control over each and every person’s body and very existence.

Reserve your own copy now while supply lasts. The Great Reset and the War for the World by Alex Jones is set to be released August 30, 2022. Get your copy today and let us know what you think in the comments.

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