Business owner and avid WCKG listener Dave Hucker dropped in…


Business owner and avid WCKG listener Dave Hucker dropped in to show his support for the radio station last week. He’s promising something great for other listeners and business owners who support keeping Alex Jones on the air in #Chicago. “The station is growing which is great for our city to have a local, independent resource, un-beholden to larger outside interests. I encourage other local businesses to showcase their services on the station. PS— 1800ManShow‘s gonna kick ass. Can’t wait for the kick off” #staytuned

[UPDATE:] Hey avid music fans, now you can listen to your favorite radio station, show or podcast on Consumers Resource’s android office phone!  For instance, you can download the WCKG app or TuneIn app and listen any time while you’re working. If the phone rings, your choice of listening honey pauses while you talk and automatically resumes where you left off.  Great for executives or even as a deluxe home phone.


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