Good morning. Yesterday afternoon we posted an article warning that…

Good morning. Yesterday afternoon we posted an article warning that WhatsApp has changed their privacy policy and now intends to share your personal information and phone number to Facebook.(link here: Good news is, you can stop that if you want to. By default, your privacy information will be shared from WhatsApp if you “Agree” to their new privacy policy. If you DO NOT wish to have your information shared to Facebook, click below that where you see this statement: “Read more about the key updates to our Terms and Privacy Policy” When you click to read more, you’ll see the next page where you can “un-check” the box to share your information to Facebook. We hope this helps. Below are the images showing how it appears in #Android. Feel free to share instructions or images for IOS. – Consumers Resource, Inc crew.

PS, if you’d like to see a way to reverse the share once its happened, you can read it at Motherboard Whats Share this info or our page to inform your FB friends about this WhatsApp privacy tweak!


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