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So, exactly what is it that we do here at Consumers Resource?  Well, we’re a technology company specializing in Voice Over IP technology.  That’s the science of getting your phone calls delivered from your home or office to whoever, where ever you’re calling.  We do this in such a way to be able to offer affordable unlimited calling within the US & Canada. We service businesses as well as residential customers.  Residential service is just $35.00 monthly and we’ll even donate 15% of your monthly bill to the charity of your choice. (examples might be a local school, VFW outpost, first responders, local police or fire department, American Cancer Society, Boy Scouts of America—the options are virtually endless.  You’ll receive your free device – just plug it in the back of your internet router and plug your wireless phone base into the device.  Its that easy! Your first month is on us… We give a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you like our service after the fee period, keep the device and we’ll transfer your phone number for free.  Its only then, that you’ll start paying your bill and donating to your favorite charity!

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