If your passion is helping women and children who could…


If your passion is helping women and children who could use a helping hand, then check out what these ladies do every year for this fantastic charity! Consumers Resource, Inc has been lucky enough to be invited to participate as a sponsor for this worthy event so we’ve stepped up and printed 1000 ‘Spooky Coupons’ giving the bearer a ‘Free Device’ and Free 1st month of residential (or business) telephone service~! That’s not all—the best part of the deal for 7th Annual Witches Night Out Annual Fundraiser is we’ll donate 20% of the revenue for each and everyone who signs up with us! #NoContract! $35 per month for unlimited residential calling in the US and Canada! We’ll continue the donation for the life of your service with us!

Example: 50 Witches transfer phone service to Consumers = 50x $35 (x20%) = $4200 Annual Donation. The full value of this offering for all 1000 coupons redeemed could be $84,000 in Annual donations for Witches Night Out! You can take part in this year round fundraiser by calling us at 866-848-1610 and use code WNO as your sponsored charity. Locked in a contract but still would like to donate? Just tell us you want to schedule it for a future date! #witchesnightout2016 #WNOJoliet


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