Independence Day Office Phone System Offer

Local Businesses Score Big with Independence Day Offer

As seen on Consumers Resource, Inc.‘s most recent post on (Google My Business) It’s now easier than ever before for local businesses (medium and small mom & pop shops) to essentially employ the functionality of larger businesses voice & video conferencing communications systems.  Consumer’s Resource makes this possible by lowering the costs & contractual obligations which have historically been a barrier to entry into this technology.  Here’s their creative offer with historic spin on the call to action:

“One if by land..Two if by sea…”

The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere is a romantic tale of how a true American patriot conveyed one of the most mission critical messages in our nation’s history!  Just think how much easier it would have been if the Founding Fathers would’ve had unified communications!

Your business deserves nothing but the best to deliver YOUR mission critical information.  Its time to get rid of that old office phone service… Time for the big upgrade that won’t cost you a fortune, but will surely help you make one..

Never be out of touch.. Experience the features only big businesses have had until now.. Have your own virtual call center, designer auto attendant, call queues to keep happy customers informed while on hold!  Its a new day for your company’s communications…

Some of the features that come native with the system are:

  • Auto-Attendant: an automated system with professionally recorded prompts directing callers to their desired contacts, freeing up manpower in your business for other tasks.
  • Find Me/Follow Me: a function that automatically calls multiple numbers/extensions until it reaches the contact the caller is trying to reach
  • Built in Call Center: this option gives your office call center functionality where call queues can be professionally recorded to inform callers in the queue. Features a call center admin portal for management of agents on site or off.
  • Mobility: native iOS app (android app coming soon) available at no extra charge for receiving calls on your mobile when your extension is called or for making calls from your mobile identifying your business & business number on the caller ID of the person you’ve called.
  • Conference calling: hold audio call conferences with multiple people and locations.
  • And many other features you’d expect to find in a much more expensive office phone system.

When do we know if it’s time for our office to switch?

don't panic

Any time you are replacing or upgrading your existing phone system. Common situations include:

  • When your current system is failing or inhibiting your business growth from lack of features or flexibility
  • When you are moving offices
  • When your business is growing
  • When you are evaluating business cost savings options
  • When you have mobile or remote workers (employees working from home, sales team etc.)
  • When you add multiple office locations

If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, or save it for later, you can do so by signing up below:

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Offer ends: July 5, 2017



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