Nation: AT&T and Other Providers Cell & Internet Outage

Monday 6/19/2017

NATION — “An internet outage affecting Spectrum cable and other providers across the majority of the city and surrounding areas is frustrating local residents and businesses.

The outage began shortly after noon on Monday. It appears to affect AT&T, Spectrum and Verizon providers; the majority appear to be losing internet service, but loss of cell service had also been reported.  Scott Pryzwansky, director of communications for the Carolinas region of Charter/


Spectrum (formerly Charter Communication and Time Warner Cable), said he was aware of the issue and that it was affecting a considerable part of the state. However, Pryzwanksy said he was out of the office and unaware of the specifics. He said he hoped to be able to provide information about the cause, repair efforts and ETA on reestablishing service.

Patrick Paterno, Charter public relations Carolina region, sent this brief email shortly before 5 p.m. on Monday:

“Spectrum customers in the Wilmington area experienced video, internet, and phone outages due to a fiber cut. Technical teams have restored services as quickly as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Josh Gelinas, AT&T’s director of corporate communications for the North Carolina area, said he was not aware of any outages. Verizon had no information at the present time.

We have reached out to local internet providers and will update you with any additional information we receive as soon as possible.


You can check your area for outages on the outage maps for phone service providers here:

See where Verizon has reported outages:

See where AT&T has reported outages:

See where Sprint has reported outages:

See where Spectrum has reported outages:


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