You Try – We Buy! Good morning! Consumers Resource, Inc…

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You Try – We Buy!
Good morning! Consumers Resource, Inc is looking for more people to test our #Unlimited US/Canada residential #cloud phone service. Use it FREE for 30 days! There is a catch, but it’s a small one. 😉 We’ve got our website under development and we’re looking for some good testimonials. That’s right! We may feature YOUR testimonial on our website, so use it and abuse it FREE for 30 days. If after that you’re interested in switching your number, you pay just $35/mo. #NoContract 🙂 You need DSL or better internet speed to use our service. Call us if you have questions or want to be a beta tester 866-848-1610 option 1. PS– we donate 20% of your charge to YOUR favorite charity/cause so feel free to let us know who that may be in the comments (Boy Scouts of America? American Cancer Society? Girl Scouts? – Dave Hucker PSS- If you like this giving policy, please Like & Share so you’re friends see it too!

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