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Consumer Power If you’re here, you’re interested in amplifying your income.  As an entrepreneur, I understand how hard you work.  If you’ve been in business for any time at all, you know how tough it can be to service a demanding public.  That’s why we richly reward our partners for their loyalty in helping sell our products and services.  We offer nothing but cutting edge, quality products and services to our customers.  Our commitment to quality and value will help you keep your customers happy and in turn, generate more income.
Our VOIP offering avails our partners a recurring revenue stream for the accounts they’ve helped us acquire.  I created this WIN/WIN compensation plan because I think there’s nothing better to reward valued sales partners like you and your organization.

Partner Platform – Deal Tracking

Our partner platform provides a way of tracking all of the clicks if you’re doing online marketing to drive traffic to our site.  You’ll be provided a login for your account.  You’ll be able to keep track of all of the people who you market to or network with who click your link and buy our products and services.  If you do any offline marketing, let us know.  You will be provided a toll free call tracking number and login to use for your marketing purposes.

What kind of “Partners” are a good fit with Consumers Resource?

Q: What kind of partners have the most success selling our products and services?
A: Our best fit partners are those which have an engaged, supportive, ongoing customer/fan/follower base.  Lets drill down on that for just a second.  We work with anyone who is reliable, honest and knows how to sell VOIP and VOIP products.  That’s our offering and we know it backward and forward so YOU don’t have to.  We have both a residential offering as well as office offering.  Here is a short list of best partner types (not in any particular order):

  • Office supply store, Computer Consultant/Repair, IT Solutions, Former VOIP installers or VOIP salesmen, MSPs (managed service providers)
  • Realtors, Office Rental/Leasing Companies, Moving Companies, Small ISP’s and more.
  • Professional affiliates or affiliate companies
  • Non-profit organizations with loyal followings or those which have ongoing fundraising needs. Note: Many organizations end up selling candy, popcorn, or other items that are neither healthy, nor desired by those forced to buy them allowing the organization to keep above water.  We have an out of the box reasonably priced residential VOIP solution which allows you to sell once, earn repeatedly.  I cannot emphasize enough what a value that can be to allow an organization to ramp up an income. If you are a non profit, ask yourself…”Does AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, Vonage or other phone service providers donate to our organization?”  I’ll bet I know what the answer is.

Welcome and best wishes on your success!  You can find the partner sign up here!
Dave Hucker – President Consumers Resource, Inc.

Is your business protected from IRS Tax Pitfalls? 

Protect Yourself, Protect Your Income

Are you a one person operation, small group of marketers or an ongoing business looking to add more offerings to your current clients?  If you’re not incorporated, you could end up paying more than your fair share in taxes come tax time.  Consumers Resource, Inc is a partner with
.  When you leverage our relationship with to set up your business entity and keep yourself compliant and we’ll give you half of our commission!  Just click one of the links and sign up on their website. The affiliate software will do the rest and you’ll get credit.
If you haven’t given much thought to protecting the income you’ll be making, there’s no better time than the present.  With their help, you can easily get your affairs in order and potentially save yourself thousands of dollars a year in taxes.  Give them a call and start structuring your own business “entity” in a properly legal way and begin enjoying the benefits of incorporation.

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