Google Business Listing Gets Meaningful Update: My Business POSTS!

SERPS To Be Google Business Listings “Facebook News Feed”

Facebook has dominated “posts” on social media for ages now.  Google created Plus as a competitive move to get some of that game but just couldn’t make it work.  Google finally has incorporated “posts” and “events” into it’s Google Business Listing (Google My Business). (examples at the link) This was the smartest move for them to make as it:

  1. essentially incorporates the functionality of being able to update a business listing with relevant time driven data and..
  2. Paves the way for more owner/manager interaction with their Google Business Listing (which is where owners focus anyway because that’s how customers find their online businesses using the search function).

It will be interesting to see if this really takes off.  If it does, where will that leave Google Plus?

Google Business Listing


Below is an example of how owners can now post events directly into their business listing.

google my business listing event

Post (Types)

Here you have the choice of simply posting an image and typing up to 300 words of text (including a url) or, you can create a post of one of 5 different types:

  • Learn More
  • Reserve (restaurant table?)
  • Sign Up (subscription)
  • Buy
  • Get offer

Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), I think this is an exciting development for both Google and business owners.

What this Means For:

  • The Consumer: the consumer will find it easier to know more about a company, it’s products and services and possible local interaction with the community via events and posts.
  • The Business Owner: for the time being, this can be seen as an opportunity for businesses to place more relevant data at the front of search engine results pages (SERPS) yielding potential higher visibility to consumers looking locally for products and services.  It may also help save the owner money in terms of alternative spending in Adwords Express or Facebook ads.
  • For Google: this gives Google an advantage over Facebook or other such social media which rely on businesses to advertise within their platforms because by the nature of the Google Business Listings (Google My Business), they appear within the search engine results page which is at the front end of the engagement funnel.

Please make a comment if you are in local search or follow that space.  Your insight would be appreciated as this ‘giveaway’ by Google could be seen as competing with it’s own Google Adwords Express

6/23/2017 Update: More here on Google My Business ‘posts’ & ‘events’


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